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Environmental Test Chambers
Standard answers for creating the most non-standard conditions. Environmental test chambers crafted from six decades of proven experience. Since 1946, Webber Manufacturing Company has been designing and manufacturing environmental test equipment to the very highest standards of the industry.

In every respect, our Environmental Test Chambers reflect that long-standing commitment to quality. Offering test volumes from 5 to 80 cubic feet and temperature ranges from -100 to +350 degrees Fahrenheit, they provide the outstanding performance and reliability that so many leading test facilities have come to expect from units with the valued name “Webber”.

When a standard answer won’t do . . .
In over six decades of experience, Webber Manufacturing Company has gained an excellent reputation for designing and fabricating custom environmental test chambers, as well as the standard chambers described in the brochure.

In those instances where selections from our standard line do not meet your requirements, we are capable of modifying a standard chamber or building a unit to your exact specifications.

Please feel free to consult our factory about such individual special needs, without hesitation or obligation.

Walk In Rooms
Occasionally a client requires a chamber large enough to drive in a vehicle.  We have built them even larger that that.  Let us know your required dimensions and we will build one just for you.

Industrial Freezers &
Environmental Test Chambers
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Altitude Chamber

AGREE Chamber

Vertical Shock Chamber

Horizontal Shock Chamber

Walk-In Chamber

Modular Walk-In Chamber


picture of an environmental test chamber
another picture of an environmental test chamber
open and closed doors on an environmental tet chamber