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Webber Manufacturing
Why Webber?
At Webber Manufacturing custom built is our normal mode.  Everything we build is engineered to the customer’s specifications.  Every piece of equipment we build has a unique purpose and control set.  So, for us, it’s all custom.  If you do not see the exact piece of equipment that you seek here, tell us what you want, and we’ll build it for you.  Although your application may be custom, chances are we’ve done something very similar for another customer. Industrial Freezers and Environmental Test Chambers are built from structural steel all- welded frames, and thickly insulated steel outer walls and stainless steel or mild steel interior walls as dictated by your specific application.

Webber’s existence depends on the loyalty of our customers.  Engineered obsolescence is NOT one of Webber’s design principles.  It is not uncommon to have a customer call us with a 20 year old freezer or chamber that is still in service and order another one just like it.

Customer feedback has helped Webber to successfully adapt to meet the needs of our growing market.  The control features and data collection techniques available today are light years ahead of 20 year old technology.  Want to monitor multiple chambers and or freezers from your office and automatically log test results digitally?  No problem. 

Webber Manufacturing has been working with satisfied customers since 1946.  Webber is the original inventor of the “Cascade Refrigeration Process” which is still in use today by all credible manufacturers of Industrial Freezers using mechanical refrigeration to achieve temperatures colder than negative 120° Farenheit.

Webber is proud to serve as an O.E.M. manufacturer for all branches of the United States Military and many of its research facilities.

Serving Satisfied Customers Since 1946

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Industrial Freezers
   Down to -300°
   Mechanical or
   Liquid Nitrogen

Environmental Test Chambers
   Temperature & Humidity
   Thermal Shock
   Explosion Proof
   Expendable Refrigerant

Automation Systems & Automation Equipment
   Catchers, Expanders,
   Stackers, Fillers,
   Hot Stampers,
   Leak Testers, &
   Specialty Conveyors

RASTA - Air Chillers
   Custom Air Chillers for
   Industrial Applications